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LP Gas online is a major supplier of LPG to the commercial industry of South Africa. See how LPG form us can benefit your business
LP Gas for the Hospitality IndustryLP Gas for IndustriesLP Gas for Agriculture and Chicken FarmingLP Gas for ForkliftsAuto gas- LPG for vehiclesLP Gas for new housing developments and townships  
LP Gas for the Hospitality IndustryWhether you’ re running a large hotel, a shopping mall , a rural shabeen , an upmarket restaurant or a mobile catering caravan , you ll appreciate the importance of a reliable LP gas supplier for your kitchen.

Our reliable deliveries and flexible storage options make an LPG supply from Lpgasonline the logical choice for your business.

Storage & DeliveryWhere space is at a premium or your usage is low, a 48kg x 2 cylinder supply will meet all your needs. With easily fitted cylinder changeover valves and our wide network, We can ease your worries about running out of gas, allowing you to focus on what it is you do best.If your operation is slightly larger, a bulk LPG supply may be more suitable. Our dedicated technical team will assess your needs and devise an optimal tank size. A speedy and efficient installation will ensure minimal disruption to you and your business. We understand the importance of a continual supply of LPG so we’ve introduced our dependable ‘top-up’ service where we will accurately estimate your usage and schedule deliveries accordingly.To find out more about our trade deal specials please call us toll free on 086 10 46639 and one of our friendly specialists will gladly attend to your requirements.

LP Gas for IndustriesLPG is an extremely versatile gas which is ideal for many different industrial applications.Some of the more common industrial uses of LPG include; Sugar cone baking, Pressed cone baking, Cookie baking ovens, Powder Coating, Spray Booth, Cake Oven Baking, Shrink Wrapping, Metal Smelting, Concrete Curing, Profile Cutting LineLPG has two important benefits that make it an ideal choice for the surface engineering and product finishing industry. Firstly it has a higher calorific value and hence burns ‘hotter’ than natural gas and other fuels, secondly, an LP Gas bulk tank installation, we provides a truly independent fuel supply, with security that brings in production.
Why our gas?
If you’ re looking to make the switch from an alternative fuel type, an LP Gas supply from LP Gas online is the ideal choice for industrial processing:Versatility: Perfect for any number of uses whether you’re located in the city or not, choosing us opens the door to a versatile and highly efficient energy source for you and your business.Environmental Benefits: LPG is one of the cleanest and most efficient fuels available, making it the perfect energy source for this environmentally aware age. Professional & Affordable Installations: Our qualified specialist advise you through your  installation procedures, from selecting the correct tank sizes and best location through to the final installation and deliveries of LP Gas.Safety First: We consider safety a vital issue. Our experienced Technical Services consultants offer safety training and advice and our drivers will safety check your tank at each delivery and report any safety issues for remedial action.Outstanding Service: Our commitment to total customer service is designed to provide maximum service and support. We pride ourselves on the personal level of service that you might expect from a local business, whilst maintaining the dependability and experience associated with a large national company.
Advantages of LP Gas?If you’re using an alternative fuel, such as diesel, electricity or other fuels, then switching to cleaner, greener LPG offers your business considerable savings and environmental benefits:LP Gas has low carbon to hydrogen ration which means that it will generate lower amounts of CO2 per amount of heat produced.Competitive Prices: You could make significant savings with us.National delivery network:  You can rely on us for responsive and dependable deliveries.Flexibility: We understand all industries are different and we pride ourselves on understanding the  personal level of service that is expected from  local businesses, whilst maintaining the dependability and experience associated with a large national company.To find out more about our industrial applications, please call us toll free on 086 10 46639 and one of our friendly specialists will gladly attend to your requirements.
     LP Gas for Agriculture and Chicken FarmingThe benefit of LP Gas as an energy source puts us in the perfect position to support your business during your busy periods.LP Gas is an efficient and cleaner burning fuel, meaning that the risk of contamination in poultry is kept to an absolute minimum.The type of heat produced by LPG has the perfect level of moisture in to promotes quick, even feathering and weight gainReliable deliveries from our national network mean that constant temperatures can be maintained when you need it. We have flexible storage options depending on your usage and storage space.
    LP Gas for CaravansAs a caravan owner you no doubt already know the benefits of an un interrupted LP gas supply on holiday.We are able to offer you all the benefits of supply of a big company whilst maintaining the caring, down to earth manner you might expect from a smaller business. 
    What can we offer?We aim to offer flexible & competitive pricing, so that you can get the right deal for your circumstances.With our wide network and dedicated account managers, we can react quickly and efficiently to your delivery needsOur 19kg and 48kg cylinders cater for all size vehicles within the caravanning industryOur home park customers will always be in safe hands.
LP Gas for ForkliftsLP Gas Forklifts are proven to be unparalleled the most reliable when it comes to indoor and out door use.Fork lifts are driven by  three options: electricity, diesel and LP Gas, but we believe there is one clear choice.Are LPG Forklifts suitable for your business?Simply put, yes. Whatever your forklift requirements, indoors or outdoors, warehousing, haulage, industrial, automotive or the food industry, LP Gas is perfect for all uses. How many other fuels can say that?
Is LP Gas better than Electric?Lower upfront costs – you don t need to buy costly recharging units or expensive batteries.Smaller carbon footprintOptimize your factory – space not taken up by battery charging or charging areasFaster refueling – reduced downtimeConsistent performance – LPG trucks easily cope with steep and rough terrainsFlexibility – forklifts can be used indoors & outdoors.Reliability – Load sheading power cuts never an issue with LPG Is LP Gas better than Diesel?Lower initial purchase costs – LPG trucks are typically cheaper to buy than diesel equivalentsLower carbon footprintIdeal for Indoor and Outdoor forklift useReduced maintenance costs – less wear and tearA breath of fresh air – cleaner to use than diesel in doors.
Auto gas- LPG for vehiclesYes LPG is used to power vehicles with many advantages.
It has all the same properties as LPG used for domestic heating and commercial uses, but when used in vehicles will deliver an impressive performance level whilst offering significant savings on petrol engines.Sasol’s Auto gas rollout.
Sasol Oil has recently rolled out a project for the introduction of LPG for vehicles. A large number of Toyota Quantum taxis are running very successfully on LPG. Commonly, Auto gas is utilized as part of a dual-fuel system with petrol. Vehicles are fitted with both petrol and LPG tanks. The great benefit of a dual fuel system is that when an Auto gas filling station is not available, you can switch your vehicle back to petrol at the click of a button. Having two fuel tanks also allows you to increase the miles covered between fillings up.
The Cleaner, Greener FuelLPG is one of the most environmentally friendly automotive fuels around, offering a tremendous advantage in towns and cities where pollution is a problem. With an increasing need to protect the world we live in, it’s good news to find that Auto gas offers an option to help reduce harmful emissions.Tests have shown that Auto gas emits:10-12% less CO2 than petrol53% less NOx than petrol120 times less small particle emissions than diesel
While it is true that Petrol is a slightly more efficient fuel than LPG, any fuel consumption efficiency is more than compensated for by a significant saving on the fuel itself. There is also a slight power loss when LPG replaces petrol in fuel; this difference however is barely noticeable on the road. Driving on LPG will appear smoother and more responsive than when using petrol.

As a rule of thumb:-
1 liter of DIESEL = 1.54 liters of LPG
1 liter of PETROL = 1.20 liters of LPG
Should you be interested in converting you cars petrol engine to LPG , please contact us toll free on 086 10 46639 and one of our friendly specialists will gladly assist you.
LP Gas for new housing developments and townshipsWe appreciate that new housing developments offer style and efficiency, where ever their location. As the number of homeowners looking at relocating to these security estates increases, there is a corresponding need for new housing to be built in areas that cannot tap into Eskom’s already failing electrical grid. Lack of access to enough electrical power supply need not mean that households have to go without the comforts of  city living. We’ll go out of our way to ensure the LPG supply you choose for your development matches these ideals.

Advantages of LPGAn LPG supply offers homeowners all the advantages and flexibility of gas, without the costly and ever increasing Eskom bills.Controllable gas flame cookingHighly efficient gas geysersModern, stylish gas fireplacesEasily accessible and hassle free meter readingsLow set up costsEnvironmentally friendlyWhat are the advantages
Building homes in new estates brings the advantages of space, tranquility and a feeling of being closer to nature. By choosing LPG you can get all the benefits of  gas, including a controllable gas flame and stylish modern gas appliances whilst maintaining a classical farm style  aesthetic.What storage tank to use?
We know every development is different and that’s why we offer a personal approach to LPG tank location. With a range of storage options to suit, whether it’s a single tank installation, or a metered estate compound, we’ll work with you to decide which storage option works best for both you and your customers. LPG tanks can be buried underground to ensure that any views remain unspoiled.