Loyalty Program

How does it work?
You earn loyalty points every time you purchase gas or cylinders online from us.
Cumulatively these credits earn you rewards in the form  of additional free gas refills. Our minimum delivery value is R350, so please use your loyalty points together with a minimum paid order value of R350 . 

How many reward points do I need to get a free refill?
200 points = a free 9kg refill
500 points = a free 19kg refill
1000 points = a free 48kg refill

Can I deduct the equivalent value from my current order?
No , your loyalty points are for additional free refills only.

Do my gas loyalty points expire?
No your gas loyalty reward points roll over into the following year.

How do I start?
Firstly register and receive 10 free loyalty points.
You can then earn loyalty points every time you purchase online.

How many points do I earn for refills?
10 points for a 9 kg refill
20 points for a 19 kg refill
50 points for a 48 kg refill

How many points do I earn for purchasing a cylinder?

10 points for purchasing a 9 kg cylinder
10 points for purchasing a 19 kg cylinder
10 points for purchasing a 48 kg cylinder

Can I choose when to claim my rewards?
Yes, you can accumulate rewards until you have at least 200 points to claim a free 9 kg refill, or alternatively you may continue saving points for a larger cylinder refill.

How the loyalty points work

How our points are displayed R0,02 = 200 points minimum for a free 9kg refill / R0,05 = 500 points for a free 19kg refill and R0,10 = 1000 points redeemed.

Step 1 – The customer adds the gas he want to his cart.
Step 2 – In the next block “ To redeem points” . then click on the blue text “ Apply correct points” – this opens a block for you to be able to write in the points you wish to redeem.
Step 3 – Once you change the points to either 200,500 or 1000, then click “Apply correct points” .
Step 4 – The points are deducted from my loyalty points and a confirmation is opened “Reward Discount Applied Successfully “
Step 5 – The click “Proceed to check out”
Step 5 – At “My Order” – If I do not want to redeem the points, I can remove them at this stage, click “Remove “at Redeem Points.
Step 6 – What happens when we process the order ? Then the below message is shown.
The discount of R0.02 means that 200 points have been redeemed / remove from their points.
This means that a free 9kg that must be sent in addition to his order placed.
The customer must please check and confirm he has the extra empty cylinder.

The customer can write a comment on which size free cylinder he wants at the Cart page . If he redeems 1000 points. Does he want 1 x 48 refill or 5 x 9kg refills ?
The customer cannot short pay. Ie If he orders a 48kg for R1300. Then redeems 200 points for a 9kg.
He cannot deduct R250 and transfer only R1050. The 200 points is for an additional free 9kg. The full amount of R1300 needs to be paid.

At the invoice processing page , you can see that the points have been redeemed at Coupons -R0.02

If the customer has redeemed 200 points, then please check and confirm that you have the correct empty cylinders.
On the invoice write in manually at the Coupons R0.02 = 200 points redeems “FREE 9KG REFILL”
Print a summary of the customers loyalty points and attach this to the Invoice.
Then load and send the free 9kg gas.

Your invoice will appear as below. Where it says discount – R0.10 = 1000 points were redeemed.